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Value Partner specializes in valuing businesses, shares and trademarks, as well as preparing financial models in which we operate in MS Excel with additional use of Visual Basic for Applications programming. You get hard-to-match value for money. How? Thanks to Value Partner’s simple and flexible structure (freelance practice supported by a network of expert contacts) combined with experience in applying standards and methods recognized by Big 4 firms and top investment banks.



The company is run by Krzysztof Kajetanowicz, an analyst whose track record includes valuation and financial modeling, as well as tax and financial advisory in an international environment. The team also includes Value Partner’s co-workers: experts in turnaround and restructuring, property valuation, due diligence and auditing financial statements.


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Our valuations, financial models and projections are prepared in a professional manner. In addition to boasting a 13-year track record in business advisory, the founder is a Chartered Financial Analyst®.


The main principle governing our valuations is common sense. We apply methods and techniques used by top investment banks to realistic assumptions. We also involve subject matter experts.


Value Partner’s typical time to send you a proposal is a business day; 10 business days for a valuation report. During busier periods we engage the members of our network of trusted and skilled co-workers.



Sports electronics distributor, who received a reasonable enterprise valuation for the purposes of internal corporate reorganisation.


International owner of a troubled biogas investment who was presented with the required forward-looking profitability and liquidity analysis, based on the financial model built and commercial assumptions prepared in a project managed by Value Partner’s founder, .


Animal feed producer that requested and received an extension of multimillion bank loand based on the financial model furnished under the direction of Value Partner’s founder, including projections of standalone and consolidated balance sheets, P&L accounts as well as cash flow statements.


Grocery chain, which had an organized part of its enterprise and shares valued in order to revamp its organisational structure with a view to make franchisees truly invested in the business.


Fund focused on providing debt financing to businesses, which requested a valuation of shares in an investee company for the purposes of a lawsuit.


Shopping center requiring that the market level of a group company’s fee for guaranteeing intra-group loans be estimated, based on a tailor-made sophisticated financial model.

The owner’s clients have received:

Business Valuations

Trademark Valuations

Tailor-made Financial Models

Industry focus includes:

Renewable energy


Real estate



In order to make economic sense, investment in renewable energy relies on government backing quite heavily. When doing what is in essence business with the government, investors learn how policy becomes a moving part of the picture and a source of both risk and opportunity.

Crowe Horwath International - 2014 r.

Inwesting in Renewable Energy in Central and Eastern Europe

Poland has shrugged off its Communist past to become an increasingly attractive destination for foreign investors. However, there are a number of potential challenges investors should be aware of, as well as knowing how to avoid them, before they direct funds into this emerging economy.

Crowe Horwath International - 2013 r.

Identifying Promising Investment Opportunities in Poland



When valuing shares and businesses, Value Partner applies globally recognized methods and standards, found in publications of the CFA InstituteB., IPEV Guidelines, etc. From a practical standpoint, this approach is no different from the one of investment banks or Big 4 companies.


Financial models are built from scratch in a way that enhances usability and transparency of the given application while making it easier for the user to tweak and expand the model independently. The basic environment is MS Excel, while VBA coding provides helpful enhancements.


When transforming a sole proprietorship, contributing to capital or moving assets, you must often value the intangibles to be disclosed in the balance sheet or used as a contribution. Having experience in industries from Energy & Utilities to motor parts we are capable of making the correct judgment.


Value Partner boasts technical skill and a track record in analyzing businesses that, when put together, help us prepare cohesive, realistic projections for the purposes of business plans, bank or fund financing, EU funding applications, PPP models, turnaround and debt restructuring programs, etc.


Value Partner offers periodic impairment tests in accordance with IAS 36 and the Polish Standard #4. For merger and acquisition-type situations as well as internal restructuring transactions we prepare purchase price allocations (PPAs) under IFRS 3. We’re happy to be included in talks with auditors.


Using our network of coworkers and contacts in other companies, Value Partner has expanded its service offering to include due diligence, accounting advice, preparing transfer pricing documentation (including benchmarking analyses), support in bankruptcy proceedings, etc.


A CFA charterholder, proven to have the ability and experience valuing businesses and financial instruments, analysing financial statements, managing investment portfolios and analysing the economics of investments. His track record includes 5 years with PwC (tax and business advisory) and 5 years with TPA Group.

Krzysztof Kajetanowicz, CFA

Proprietor, Linkedin


Krzysztof Kajetanowicz
Krasińskiego 59 / 17
01-755 Warsaw, Poland
Tax ID 894-253-33-50
+48 602 469 963


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